Lea Michele is a Bitch

babyblahh said: This page is disgusting. Everything you post is horrible and offensive and I'd be ashamed if I was you. Please grow up and what you're doing is both pathetic and childish. If this is your hobby, I'd recommend finding a new one.

You know you need to grown up when BABYblahh tells you to. Also I have other “hobbies” that take up most of my time.

Anonymous said: What's your opinion on her lying about not having a nose job? Have you seen the pictures of her younger, birth to 2004? She's changed.

I definitely have my suspicions about her nose. Just because its not perfect and still has some flaws to it, does not mean she didn’t go under the knife. Her nose does look different in pictures through out the years. 

Anonymous said: why is she's so UGLY??? ugh

I don’t know, anon. I just don’t know.

Anon Message

Okay, I received a very long message that I have broken up and answered bit by bit. I would feel bad if I didn’t put this under a text break.

If anyone reads this whole thing they deserve all the awards.

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Anonymous said: So why did you create this blog? I understand you dislike her but how would you feel if someone created a blog to bash you 24/7? Do you know lea personally or do you just feel like you have a right to bash her because you "know her so well?

I actually never use this blog. My main blog that I stay logged in to Tumblr on is completely different. So 24/7 isn’t very close to accurate. But for the sake of this question I’ll play along. We need to keep a few things in mind:

  1. I do not know Lea personally and do not directly interact with her.
  2. I have never directly shared my opinion with Lea or posted it in a place where I know she would see it. (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, I don’t know what other social media sites she uses but as far as I know Tumblr is not one of them.)
  3. I do not directly share my opinions with people that do know Lea in real life or that directly and regularly interact with her in real life (that I am aware of).
  4. Lea is a celebrity who willingly puts herself in the public eye, open to criticism 
  5. She is probably well aware that people don’t like her and that they vocalize their dislike online. (I do not put myself out there publicly or willingly open myself up to public criticism).

So to answer your question, I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t bother me (on some level) if someone made a blog and bashed me personally on it 24/7. But this would be minimal at best. Also I am not a celebrity and I do not put myself out there so that would mean it would be more intimate than a random person who doesn’t know me personally. It would more likely be broadcasted to people I know from someone I know. This would make I a lot more personal. But thats not the case here.

If I was in Lea’s shoes and some random person made a blog because my personality and life choices gave them the opinion that I’m a terrible person/complete bitch then honestly, and I mean honestly, I would not give a damn. Same reason I don’t care about angry anons; there is a level of disconnect from the source that I can apply. Someone’s opinion about me doesn’t matter that much to me if they are not in my life and don’t actually know me. It’s only an opinion after all.

Also I wouldn’t subject myself to something if it caused me great emotional stress. Except for fangirling and hockey games. But if someone made a LeaMicheleBashBlogBashBlog, or some variation of that where they bashed “me” and this blog on said other blog, I would find that quite funny and I would love to follow them. They seem like they would have a good sense of humor.

aflowerinthesun said: This is literally the best blog on the internet. I hate Lea Michele with passion. She's not talented and she's certainly not the next Streisand all she's doing is ruining the memory of Barbra. The only thing they've got in common is the huge nose.

Thank you very much. And I absolutly agree with you. She needs to let Babs go. 

Anonymous said: I'm just going to add to the heap: Lea Michele is a tanned cunt.

I hate her tan. Half the time it looks as fake as her personality in interviews and it makes her look orange.

Anonymous said: i think when the time she knows that she wouldnt be famous anymore bcs cory's dead, (i mean, i stop watching glee bcs cory is gone), she started an album and doing hideous music video. i mean, her voice isnt "pop voice" that you heard everyday on a radio, she's a broadway star. isnt that weird that she's starting to sing pop songs to make her famous bcs broadway ain;t that famous? SHE'S AN UGLY DISGUSTING SLUT

Weirdly, I would probably not hate Lea as much if she stuck to Broadway. I still would think of her as a terrible person but she was talented on Broadway. Her acting style is more for theater in my opinion. On screen she just end up over-acting but in theater you need to project yourself. Scarlett Johansson is an example of an actress who’s acting style is meant for film and not theater. Anyway, I think Glee ruined Lea voice though she never mastered breathing properly (since when did the sound of someone deeply inhaling 100 times in one song sound good) and pitch control (she squeaks a lot) in the first place. But she was better on Broadway then she ever was/will be in film or on her album. And you are absolutely right; Lea left Broadway because she wanted the fame you get from Hollywood. The fame was the main objective for you.

annnddd….. all my messages are back. I will answer them as soon as possible. 

I’m sorry everyone for flooding your dash this morning and also for being away for so long.