Lea Michele is a Bitch


She knows that most of her fans are blind idiots who can’t read so she’s making an audio book for them LOL


She knows that most of her fans are blind idiots who can’t read so she’s making an audio book for them LOL

ubiquitiousminx asked: I'm new to tumbler, trying how to post on your blog directly with some thoughts cause they won't fit her....

Sorry, I just went and changed my settings so now you can summit something if you would like.

Anonymous asked: I just have to say friggin hallelujah that other people recognise this fame whore for what she really is. She's milked the supposed "love of her life" death for all the free publicity and $$$ she can. It makes me ill

Perfect. Everything you just said was PERFECT.

I think a lot of people see Lea for who she really is except for her crazy blind fans or people who don’t even know who Lea Michele is. Honestly unless you are an avid Broadway fan from like 2006, watch(ed) Glee, or are a frequent viewer on Perez Hilton’s website, than you probably don’t know who Lea Michele is.

Anonymous asked: Do you hate Finchel fans?

No, I have nothing against Finchel fans at all. I actually really liked Finchel in season one. The beginning of season two was poorly written and Finchel was boring. Rachel also really started to annoy me but that might have been Lea Michele annoying me and it transferred over to Rachel. Then when Finchel broke up mid-season two they got my attention again. Season three was hit or miss most of the time (usually miss). Though Cory made me tear up at the train scene. I barely watch season four. I completely stopped when Cory passed away. It wouldn’t be the same without Finn.

Cory once said something along the lines that Finchel is better when they are apart and he was right. At the end of the day when writers endgame a ship early on in a TV show they ruin any sense of uncertainty and suspense as to whether or not they will end up together. Sometimes it works out. But usually they become boring 90% of the time.

Also for anyone who still likes Glee and argues that, “Well Finchel didn’t end up together so you’re wrong.”: 

The loss of Cory doesn’t undo all the boring Finchel story lines. If he didn’t pass away, Finchel would have undoubtedly ended up together. Cory’s death brought the end to Finchel being endgame in the story line; not the writers by creative choice.

Anonymous asked: Do you think there is a jewish lobby propping up artists like Lea Michele? I can't help but notice some jewish artists tend to have more money and fame than their talent warrants. Take Barbra Streisand for example, she is very talented BUT she seldom does any tours and hasn't released new material in decades. Yet she regularly tops Fortune's ranking of annual album sales beating artists with NEW albums and global tours (Rihanna, Beyonce and Madonna).

I have no idea why this is but it sounds pretty interesting. I think it might be the record company doing everything they have to to promote their investment.

Also didn’t Rolling Stones give Lea’s album an accurate review about how terrible it is? But then Perez kissed Lea’s ass as he wrote about how he disagreed with Rolling Stone. It’s all about promoting.

Also Lea exploiting Cory’s death got her album a lot of attention.

Anonymous asked: Lea is a slut. She dresses like one, she acts like one, she looks like one and she is just one. I'm sorry for venting over here but I can't on my own blog because I get hate from other anti lea blogs about slut shaming. :/

No apologies are necessary? You pretty said what everyone thinks. 

I have another blog that I wouldn’t post my opinions about Lea or really anything about Lea. Mainly because I don’t want her face on my blog that I use for things I love. But this blog is a great for me to vent my feelings and not be afraid of what people say. I highly recommend it for everyone.

Anonymous asked: your a stupid ass cunt. Lea michelle is a beautiful amazing person. you must care about her so much to make a page about her. you have nothing better else to do but hate on her lol okay.

Hahahaha. I’m sorry I’m laughing because I first read that as “stupid, ass cunt.” It was just funny. I like it.

Anyway, I don’t think you understand how much time, effort, and blood I put into this beautiful amazing blog. Spoiler: Not that much. I pop over here a couple times a month. I once stopped using it for months on end. I do have other thing to do. I have a different blog that I use to celebrate the things I love. I got other fandoms to worry about. School. I have more things to do besides, I don’t know, get upset because someone does like the block headed, egomaniac, cake face, exploiter, Lea Michele.


to the anon that I will not reply to.
It is really hard to offend me but somehow your message was so atrocious that I will not reply to it for the sole factor that I do not want your repulsive words on my blog.
Can’t say I’m shocked though; you are a Lea fan.

Anonymous asked: This blog is hilarious! I sat here for a approximately 30 minutes and laughed my head off. Thank you so much for making this blog and making my day a heck of a lot better! You rock! Keep doing your thing! :)

Thank you very much anon. Your message made me smile. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog and found it entertaining.

You have a good day anon.

anonymously-following asked: I just stumbled upon your blog and it's the best thing that's happened to me. I have all this pent up hate for that real life rachel berry. I've got this vibe that she thinks she's better than everyone else. And that face & voice just irritates me.

You are more than welcome to release all your pent up feelings about Lea Michele, Rachel Berry, or anything really. I like being an outlet that helps people speak freely about how they truly feel regardless of the topic or opinion. I may have a contradicting opinion but that’s fine because different opinions bring different ideas. How can we be confident in our opinions if we never hear the opposing argument? This is how we grow and learn. Often I get anons that like to vent about how much they hate this blog and it fine by me. I never take it to heart.

Sorry, I go on little tangents at times. Anyway, back on subject. You and I have the same vibe going. I think Lea believes that she is supierior to everyone else. She thinks way to highly of herself and an overgrown ego is not attractive on anyone,